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1:The Wishing Tree
Artist: Tash Taskale
Tash Taskale began his artistic career in Ankara, Turkey, when he was 16 years old. He moved to France to study art history and archaeology at the University of Strasbourg where he received his degree in 1980. During that time, he continued with his artistic activities. In 1994 and 1996, at Syracuse University, he took independent studies with Professor Rodger Mack. Taskale has had numerous public works installed in Turkey, Taiwan, and various parts of the US, including Ithaca, NY, Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY and the Everson Museum, also in Syracuse. His solo exhibitions have been in Ankara Turkey, Kobe, Japan and the Everson Museum in Syracuse. His work was recently featured at the Chapingo Bienal in Mexico City and the Florence Biennale in Italy. Taskale now lives and works in Syracuse,.

About his work, Taskale says, “I am interested in the archaeology of objects all around us. My work aims to probe into the origins of things by presenting oppositions such as, archaic/futuristic, primitive/ industrial, and ancient/modern. I present such contradictions to create ambiguities which I believe can force us to be more analytical and questioning about our world. Wishing Tree represents the archaeology of beliefs from which human beings create an icon and expect good fortune and protection to be bestowed by it. The uncommon forms hung on the Wishing Well symbolize peoples’ wishes.”

“My experience at Sculpture Space [in 2000] was very fruitful, especially in terms of establishing relationships with other international artists. Also, I am grateful to Sculpture Space for allowing my works to be displayed throughout the year, leading to greater exposure and, consequently, to other opportunities.”