Griffiss International Sculpture Garden - Park Map

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1:Light Column (Amber, Green, Blue)
Artist: Mark Abildgaard
Californian Mark Abildgaard lives in Woodland, CA and was awarded a Sculpture Space Residency in 1985. His two pieces, Blue Light Column and Amber Light Column, are site-specific works and will serve as markers for new walking trails at Griffiss. I have always been interested in the way glass can interact with light. Early in my career I was drawn into working with cast glass because of the way the solid castings would glow in certain lighting conditions. The way that a piece of cast glass would change in appearance through the course of the day with natural light was intriguing to me. Each column is made of glass block and stands 10 feet tall with a LED light fixture in the base to illuminate the column at night. The base for each column is a stainless steel box that houses the LED light fixture. The column is sealed by a clear panel on the top. His outdoor piece, Passage, 1985, is part of the Utica College campus art collection.
Blue Light Column (2009), Amber Light Column (2009), Green Light Column (2011)