Griffiss International Sculpture Garden - Park Map

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Artist: Tomasz Domanski
Tomasz Domanski Born in Gizycko, Poland; lives in Wroclaw, Poland and was a Sculpture Space Artist in Residence in 1998. He traveled to the US to specifically to create Chimney. Tomasz Domanski says that the design of this work is influenced by the distinctly American movement of Minimalism especially the work of Donald Judd and Robert Morris. In its construction, Chimney combines two worlds: the world of business and industry and the world of creativity. Straight lines, edges, and right angles have been softened in a gently undulating curved design. Moreover, the sculpture has two entirely different visages: one belonging to day, and the other to the night. During the day, the light of the sun reflects off the polished aluminum to produce a brilliant glare, and at night the amber lamp inside that casts its glow in the dark produces a very different effect. The artist hopes he has captured the spirit of collaboration between business and art that the Griffiss Business Park project embodies. Domanski feels that by providing an opportunity for the presentation of contemporary art, Griffiss Business Park is itself a beacon. It is a model of the mutual benefits that industry and the arts can realize in their coexistence.