Griffiss International Sculpture Garden - Park Map

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1:Lookout Landing
Artist: Jenny Polak
Jenny Polak- Born in London, England, she now lives in Brooklyn, NY, and was awarded a Sculpture Space Residency in 1995. Polak describes herself as “an artist making architectural installations, drawings and web projects.” She credits her family history of migration for her deep interest in issues of immigration and border politics. When conceiving Lookout Landing, she was inspired by the “legacy and continuing significance of the [Griffiss] air base. [She] searched for an image that could convey an archaeology of flight and a structure that though intended to frame a view, might itself be visible from the air. I was also struck by the satellite view of the negative space between the [Griffiss] nose docks, ’“Polak stated. “….This trace, and my long-time interest in hidden truths made visible in art, led me towards a structure that references a hidden landing.” Her piece includes a metal canopy inspired by a regional sail maker.